Five Tips to Keep Your Holidays Happy and Healthy

December is a month many of us look forward to; it’s the holiday season that brings with it a full schedule of office parties, visits from relatives, and many social events. It’s a fantastic time, as we close out one year and plan for another. Sometimes these get-togethers can result in more excess (food, alcohol, stress) than your body is used to.

Compounding the issue is as your social schedule gets busier, something has to give way and often the easiest item to drop off the weekly calendar is your time for fitness. As most of us know, a drop in your calories burned and an increase in your intake is hard on your body. It’s not just the possible addition of a few pounds – though that will make January and the rest of 2015 that much more challenging. The other aspect of life that can take a hit from being too lenient with your holiday fitness routine is your emotional state. While most of us equate the benefits of fitness activity to our bodies, our ability to handle stress and our mood are also affected by physical activity. In essence your mind will miss the workouts and it’s natural that you start to feel guilty for missing activity. While it’s understandable that you may not be able to maintain your frequency and intensity, it’s important that you not let fitness drop off the schedule completely. With all this in mind here are five holiday tips from your fitness partners here at Focus Personal Fitness. Continue reading

Randy Zabukovec

Focus Personal Fitness Member Challenge: Week 4

BlogGraphic_Week4The Numbers and How I’m Feeling:

  • Beginning Weight: 227 lbs
  • Current Weight: 222 lbs
  • Target Weight: 200 lbs

While my weight is not going down quickly, I’m not really focused on that right now. I have made no significant dietary changes thus far either, so the only difference would be my activity. That being said – I feel great! I am much stronger and have more energy. This may be difficult to gauge, but I’m less stressed and (according to my wife) a much happier person to be around.

The Regime:

The recent snow has put an end to my outdoor cycling, but I’m starting the indoor spinning class next week. Side note: I did indoor cycling last year and LOVED IT. A great introduction to learning how to cycle without the fear of outdoor cycling, where experienced riders are much faster than beginners!

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Randy Zabukovec

Focus Personal Fitness Studio: Holiday Schedule

Fitness Studio Holiday Hours:

Focus Personal Fitness Studio will be closed Wednesday, December 24th at 12:00 noon, closed Thursday, December 25th and Friday, December 26th, and will reopen for regular hours on Saturday, December 27th. We will also be closed on Thursday, January 1, 2015.

Our Holiday Class Schedule is:

Regular class schedule continues until Monday, December 22, and will resume on Friday, January 2, 2015.

  • Monday, December 22 – 8:30 am with Karen
  • Tuesday, December 23 – 8:30 am with Laura
  • Tuesday, December 23 – Core Fusion, 5:30 pm with Tracey
  • Wednesday, December 24 – 8:30 am with Laura
  • Saturday, December 27 – Fusion Surprise, 8:30 am with Tracey
  • Monday, December 29 – 8:30 am with Karen
  • Tuesday, December 30 – 8:30 am with Laura
  • Tuesday, December 30 – Core Fusion, 5:30 pm with Tracey
  • Wednesday, December 31 – 8:30 am with Laura
Randy Zabukovec

NEW! Indoor Bike Training Sessions

Bring Your Own Bike! Indoor bike training sessions will start November 24 to April 26 – 64 total training sessions. 22 Monday sessions, 20 Thursday sessions, 22 Sunday sessions.  Limited to 15 athletes per session, contact Hope at to reserve your spot.

1 x per week = $264 + HST = $298.32

2 x per week = $399 + HST = $450.87

3 x per week = $499 + HST = $563.87

Randy Zabukovec

NEW! Unlimited Cardio Package

Cardio is an important component of a balanced fitness routine.  Focus Personal Fitness now offers an unlimited cardio plan for $40/mo + HST, available to members currently participating in Personal Training or Group Training sessions.  With your choice of 6 machines, including treadmills, ellipticals, a stationary bike and a rowing machine, you can make cardio a part of your personal training routine, at your convenience.

Contact Hope at to get started today.

Randy Zabukovec