Focus Personal Fitness Member Challenge: Week 1

Norm'sBlogImageThe numbers and my feeling:

  • Starting Weight: 227 lbs.
  • Monday Weigh-in: 225 lbs.
  • Target Weight: 200 lbs.

No great weight loss during my first week, but in fairness it was the week of Thanksgiving. My diet has not really changed. That said I certainly am more aware of my choices because everything going in that isn’t good for me puts me further away from my goal.

The regime:

The program Randy designed for me included jogging 5 times this week for 20-30 minutes a day, while keeping my heart rate between 125 and 135 BPM. I also rode my bike twice for one hour each time, and participated in a Body Fusion group training session at the Focus fitness studio. During all of these sessions I wore a Polar Loop activity tracker paired with an L7 HR monitor.

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Randy Zabukovec

Randy’s Blog: Working Out Over Your Lunch Hour? No Sweat!

Exercise doesn’t have to be all about how much you sweat, or how high you can get your heart rate. Sometimes we think that training is all about work capacity and how much work you can fit in, in a single session. If you don’t already do so, you should consider adding some sessions dedicated to neuromuscular development, stretching, and balance into your weekly routine.

This type of training will enhance your overall functional ability for day-to-day activities, as well as your fitness level. An important part of strength training is what we refer to as nervous system recruitment. You can learn more about it here. Sessions focused on stretching, yoga, light muscle work, or active release are ideal for this critical component of your overall fitness, and are easily integrated into a mid-day timeslot, such as a morning or afternoon break, or your lunch hour.

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Randy Zabukovec