Five Tips to stay on track with your 2015 New Years Resolution.

It’s hard to believe we are already six weeks past January 1st. Many of us declare some sort of resolution for the new year, and here at Focus, inevitably we are involved in resolutions regarding fitness. It’s hard sometimes for our approach to fitness to be heard above all the noise and special promotions that come from the “big gyms” offering unbelievable deals to get you to join, and the billion dollar home gym industry trying to sell all the latest “essential” products to get you started. Most people have a tough time achieving their goals. Here are a few ways we can help.

Pick a measurable fitness goal – one that’s not your weight. Many people choose a weight target as a measure of fitness. While this goal is measurable it is not a good measurement for your fitness goals. Pick a measure of some activity you do now, and then you can isolate a measurement. For example you may at some point wish to run a 10K race. Can you do that in one hour? Track your progress toward that number.

Embrace scheduling. You would not miss a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting, so why not treat yourself the same way? Giving yourself a time slot dedicated to your workouts is a key success factor. You should be thinking of at least four dedicated sessions per week. Can you do two after work during the week? One or two on a weekend? Does your schedule allow mornings or lunch workouts? If you’re not scheduling times, other priorities will overtake your fitness goals (kids’ practice, work, relatives, house chores).
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Randy Zabukovec

Focus Personal Fitness Member Challenge: Week 12

The Numbers and How I’m Feeling

  • Beginning Weight: 227 lbs
  • Current Weight: 219 lbs
  • Target Weight: 200 lbs

I’m not fixated on my weight –which is going down, but slowly. Having said that, managing my way through the holidays while trying to keep up some semblance of balance between exercise and excess was difficult. In hindsight, it’s likely that the last few years of holiday seasons have been a big contributor to my gradual weight gain. As an avid snowboarder, I did find that all of my efforts toward getting fit this year were a huge help. I had much more stamina, control and strength than I have had in five years. I stayed on the slopes one day with my kids for 6 straight hours, so I got my money’s worth!

More so than the weight has been my ability to wear clothes I have kept in the wardrobe for a few years, but now actually fit like they are supposed to – showing that there has been some sort of a redistribution of weight in my body.

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Randy Zabukovec

Join us for the Kingston screening of Transcend!

TranscendTheMovieJoin us for the Kingston screening of Transcend! with film-maker, Michael DelMonte Tuesday December 9th at 7pm in the KCVI auditorium. Michael will host a question and answer session after the film. Transcend follows Boston marathon champion Wesley Korir. It is the story of the elusive spiritual energy that is somehow forged in the intense rigor of long-distance running, an energy Wesley Korir is using to transform the nation of Kenya that has done more than any other to change the face of the marathon.

Tickets are $10 ($12 at the door) available at Runners’ Choice.

Randy Zabukovec