Personal Training Should Be Personal.

At Focus Personal Fitness, we believe that a personal training program should be just that – personal. Before we begin designing your program, we offer a 30-45 minute complimentary fitness consultation. This allows us to determine what style and level of training will help achieve your desired results.

You are the foundation of our training programs. Understanding your fitness goals, health history, and physical abilities are just a few of the things we base our training recommendations and programs on.

Through listening and talking with you, we will craft the optimal program to help you achieve your goals quickly and safely.

Prior to your complimentary fitness consultation, please fill in our client information form. We will need this information a minimum of two days ahead of your scheduled appointment. This will give your trainer time to prepare for your session. You can download the form below and email it to us.

For changes to our training classes, please see our Group Training Page.

Client Information Form

What to Expect:

  • You should arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your session start time.  If you are attending a Fitness Assessment it’s important not to warm-up in advance.  Please refrain from wearing perfumes, oils, or cologne as other clients may have allergies.

What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing to train in
  • Indoor shoes as outdoor shoes are for outside our studio
  • Water bottle
  • We have lockers and shower facilities with amenities available for your use.  If you prefer to secure your personal belongings please leave valuables in your car, or bring a lock.

Private Training

Private training sessions consist of 1 hour or 30 minute one-on-one instruction from your personal trainer. Semi-private training sessions also available for 2 or more individuals.

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What You Can Expect:

  • 1 Hour Complimentary Session: This allows you the chance to see whether our style of training suits your individual needs and gives us a chance to preview your body awareness and physical abilities.  We then make recommendations 
  • Client Health Information Questionnaire: This questionnaire has a “holistic tone” supporting our belief in “whole-person fitness”.  We are interested in helping everyone get healthier. More than just sculpting your body, we are interested in your overall well-being and health.

After purchasing

  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessment (CFA): The assessment is divided into six components: body composition, cardiovascular testing, postural analysis, gait analysis, flexibility analysis and a neuro-muscular function test determining your readiness for strength training.  From this information, we will design a personalized training program for you.
  • 6 Week Evaluation and Goal SettingEvery six weeks we re-evaluate by conducting a half hour fitness assessment to determine your progress. In our experience, clients that have succeeded in reaching their weight loss or fitness goals have participated in consistent measuring, reassessing, and goal re-setting. Our trainers help keep their clients motivated by doing just that.
  • Client Files and Progress Reports: We keep progress reports throughout your training noting any changes in your physical abilities.  This continually ensures the exercise prescription is up to date, and that it directly addresses your needs and goals as they change and progress.
  • Education: We teach you mindful movement and show you how to execute proper technique with each exercise. At the beginning of your training with us we will also provide you with handouts outlining the principles of strength conditioning and cardiovascular training. We believe deeply that in order to solidify a commitment to any endeavour, learning MUST be a necessary part of the process.
  • Team Approach: We offer a “team approach” for those who need more flexibility in scheduling appointments. It also benefits you by providing a broader perspective and skill set than a single trainer could provide. You develop more support by cultivating a relationship base with the entire staff, rather than one individual.

Combination Training

Combination training is a balance of private training sessions with your personal trainer, and group training sessions. This lets you benefit from individual instruction while enjoying the positive energy of a supportive community of members.

Complementing your private training sessions, combination training offers the variety that is needed to eliminate fitness plateaus and keep you motivated. 

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Team Training

Gather a group of friends and enjoy the extra motivation that team training brings. Your group requests the type of training you would like (e.g. Youth Strength Group, Women on Weights, Speed Skating Power Performance) and a time that works best for you. 

Enrollment for these groups is required and the sessions typically run on a 10-week basis. As a thank you from Focus Personal Fitness, the organizer of the group will receive 3-weeks of the group’s first 10-week session FREE.

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Specialty Athletic Training

Through our partnership with IronStride, a professional athletic coaching and training club offering group and individual training programs, Focus Personal Fitness Studio offers new opportunities to achieve optimum health and wellness. To learn about Ironstride and for more information on group and individual training sessions, visit their website.

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In-Home Training

We are now offering in-home personal training for clients. This is a great opportunity for you to enjoy personal training right in your own home. We can use your equipment or bring limited equipment to your home for effective training sessions. They say the best gym is the one closest to you and you cannot get any closer than this! Stay committed to your fitness goals by scheduling a trainer to visit you on a regular basis.

Sessions will be 45 minutes in length! Spots are limited so call us ASAP to reserve your spot.