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Five Tips to stay on track with your 2015 New Years Resolution.

It’s hard to believe we are already six weeks past January 1st. Many of us declare some sort of resolution for the new year, and here at Focus, inevitably we are involved in resolutions regarding fitness. It’s hard sometimes for our approach to fitness to be heard above all the noise and special promotions that come from the “big gyms” offering unbelievable deals to get you to join, and the billion dollar home gym industry trying to sell all the latest “essential” products to get you started. Most people have a tough time achieving their goals. Here are a few ways we can help.

Pick a measurable fitness goal – one that’s not your weight. Many people choose a weight target as a measure of fitness. While this goal is measurable it is not a good measurement for your fitness goals. Pick a measure of some activity you do now, and then you can isolate a measurement. For example you may at some point wish to run a 10K race. Can you do that in one hour? Track your progress toward that number.

Embrace scheduling. You would not miss a doctor’s appointment or a work meeting, so why not treat yourself the same way? Giving yourself a time slot dedicated to your workouts is a key success factor. You should be thinking of at least four dedicated sessions per week. Can you do two after work during the week? One or two on a weekend? Does your schedule allow mornings or lunch workouts? If you’re not scheduling times, other priorities will overtake your fitness goals (kids’ practice, work, relatives, house chores).

Join a group. Most busy executives are part of a team, at work or in some facets of their lives. One reason groups work is that you have a responsibility and accountability to others. You wouldn’t let them down, would you? A group or team is supportive and helps motivate each other. We have many groups within Focus, from cardio & strength to interval circuits to yoga. You can check out our winter schedule here.

Get a personal trainer. A trainer combines elements of the first three items. A personal trainer will put you on a schedule and help you achieve your fitness goals by putting together a program based on those specific goals. You will feel a responsibility to that trainer to work hard and keep your appointments. More than this though, you will develop a friendship with your trainer and have someone that can help you acknowledge and celebrate all the successes you will have along your path.

Make it real – why do you want to be fit? Let’s face it, maintaining fitness is a lot more difficult for most of us as we age. Remember your 20’s and 30’s? If it felt easier to maintain fitness then, that’s because it was! It’s a fact that your body will take more work as you age to maintain a level of fitness. We can’t stop Father Time, but we can sure tell him to take a hike for a while. Being fit is not as important as why you are fit. Think of your kids, grandchildren, and spouse. What do you want your retirement to look like? That’s why you want to be fit.


So, while joining a new gym or buying some new equipment may seem like a great idea – and at first a less expensive option than getting a personal trainer, if they’re not helping you progress toward your goals, they’re not worth it.

Build a schedule. Make appointments for yourself. Give us a call at 613-544-7999 or stop by our unique fitness studio and see how we can help you.