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Focus Home Fitness Video Membership

Note: memberships now have a 14-day free trial prior to membership charges beginning, so be sure to take advantage of the trial period!

Focus Home Fitness Video subscription was created during the COVID pandemic to keep Focus clients healthy and fit when they were at home with limited equipment. Today it continues to provide additional training opportunities in the comfort of your home.

Your membership to Focus Home Fitness gives you full access to all the themes and fitness videos. Choose from Yoga with Bodie, Bands with Rand, Free Body Circuit, Multi-Sport Strong, Skip Core, and Pilates with Kyla. Videos will be uploaded with new training sessions to keep you motivated and energized. No equipment to limited equipment is needed for each session. Each session will list the equipment and space requirements you need to exercise safely at home.

Get fit, be consistent, and have some fun in your Focus home gym!


I’ve been using the Focus fitness videos daily. I used to go to the gym every day. But now, I’ve adapted to my new routine at home. Thanks to the Focus videos, I now have more variety and levels to my workout. I really enjoy seeing the Focus team, which gives me a sense of community.

I encourage everyone to support Focus Fitness and use this wonderful option for home fitness!


I’ve been a member of Focus Home Fitness for one month so far, and it’s kept me motivated to stay fit as I age. I can do a quality workout in 40 minutes or less whenever I want. And I feel great when I’m finished! All of the Focus coaches and instructors give detailed demonstrations and explanations in their videos. With new episodes added to the Program Library, I’m always being challenged.

Whatever your fitness or athletic goals are, Focus Home Fitness is a complete package that will keep your interest.

Mary Jane

I enjoy the variety of videos that Focus offers. They have everything from bands, yoga, free-body, and multi-sports. It provides such a great mix of workouts, so you won’t get bored!

With new videos added weekly, this has been a worthwhile purchase. I have a great group of trainers who are helping me get through isolation and beyond.