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Randy’s Blog: The Secret to Health and Fitness

I am often asked what is the secret to good health and fitness. How does someone maintain their health? How does someone improve their fitness levels or physical capacity? How does one lose weight or gain weight with lean muscle mass? The answer to all of this is simply consistency.

When the personal trainers at Focus Personal Fitness Studio design a fitness program, we consider the type of training needed, specific exercises and the intensity and duration of those exercises. Each one of these components are definitely important, however, the frequency and the consistency of your training is the single most important factor in achieving your goals and maintaining or improving your level of health and fitness.

Let’s use the example of losing weight. If you go to the gym 3 x per week and train for 45 minutes at a specific training zone and intensity you will achieve a certain result over a period of time. If you increase that frequency over 5 x per week your results will even be better over that same period of time. If you maintained that 5 x per week routine for 10 years the results of your consistency would be phenomenal! If your goal is to get stronger, live with less pain, gain muscle and so forth, the key to achieving this is your day-to-day consistent actions. Your body will adjust and adapt to the constant and consistent actions you ask it to perform.

Being more frequent and consistent with your training sounds like an easy approach or action to take, however, it is the most difficult variable to master and control in the pursuit of optimal health and fitness. It’s not easy to be consistent.  It requires accountability, responsibility and action. It’s an investment in time, money and resources – but it’s the single most important action you can take to achieve your goals.

Spend some time reflecting on your goals and actions. Be honest with yourself- have you taken a consistent approach to your training to achieve your health and fitness goals? Can you commit to being more consistent? The team at Focus Personal Fitness Studio has the ability to help you improve your training consistency. We can help make you accountable by providing one-on-one personal training and support, and can provide options for your training by offering group training classes. We provide the facilities and equipment for you to follow through with your goals and intentions, and the knowledge and guidance you need.

How consistent and frequent are you with your training?  Can you improve your day-to-day actions and consistency?