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13" Purple Dynamic Stabilizer Band

13" Purple Dynamic Stabilizer Band

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Dimensions of Band:

Width – 1 1/2 Inches

Thickness – 3.2 mm (9 Continuous Layers)

Length – 13 Inches

Approximate Variable Resistance – 25-50 Lbs

The 13 inch Purple Dynamic Stabilizer band is the highest level of resistance in the dynamic stabilizer series. It is designed to help activate key muscles of the hip while performing the following exercise options

  • Lateral Walks
  • Side Shuffles
  • Monster Walks
  • Ankle Strength Drills
  • Step-overs
  • Various Hopping Drills
  • Scapular Sets
  • Glute Medius Activation with Squatting
  • Step Matrix
  • Crawling Variations
  • Various Calisthenic Movement
  • Several Small Space Cardio Exercises

Designed to be placed just above the kneecap, around the thighs, the Dynamic Stabilizer Band will not roll up or migrate like cheaper molded mini-bands do.

The Purple Dynamic Stabilizer band is an aggressive level of mini-band resistance that will be used primarily doing slower movements that require the Glute Medius being active to help maintain good hip-knee-ankle alignment.