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Single 41" Black Medium Band

Single 41" Black Medium Band

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Dimensions of Band:

Width – 3/4 Inch

Thickness – 5 mm (15 Continuous Layers)

Length – 41 Inches

Approximate Variable Resistance – 20-85 Lbs

The 41″ Black Medium Band is an important band to have in you RBT band arsenal due to it training versatility. Over the years of working with thousands of RBT customers, this has become a very popular level of band resistance for adult and youth strength training. 

It is commonly used for:

  • Aggressive plyometric training
  • Most popular adult fitness camp band
  • Age 11-13 youth speed development
  • Aggressive trunk or hip stabilization training
  • Beginner adult locomotion training
  • Medium level band stretching and flexibility training
  • Adult male upper body strength training
  • Female lower body strength training
  • Moderate level of assistance for pull-up and push-ups
  • Great overall band for attachment free strength training