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Single 41" Blue XXL Band

Single 41" Blue XXL Band

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Dimensions of Band:

Width – 2 1/2 Inches

Thickness – 5 mm (15 Continuous Layers)

Length – 41 Inches

Approximate Variable Resistance – 65 to 230 Lbs

The 41″ Blue XXL band is the most popular “high resistance” band in the college, high school and general fitness populations.   

This band is commonly used for:

  • Aggressive lower body strength training of high school, college and professional athletes as well as competitive  fitness enthusiasts and cross-fitter
  • Aggressive partner based towing and tug of war training
  • Max pull up assistance
  • Heavy resistance pulling and pushing strength training
  • Harness for tire drags  and resisted running
  • Aggressive partner resisted running for college and professional athletes
  • Aggressive resisted training for squats
  • Center bands for the Ring of Fire  Setup
  • Strongman training drills
  • Waist band for the Band Belt Setup