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In-Home Training

If you prefer to train at home, we'll happily come to you!

That's right! We offer in-home personal training sessions.

*Our in-home training sessions are not available at this time but please contact us if you're interested.

In-home training session with exercise bands

In-Home Private + Semi-Private Training

Get individualized training plans from the comfort of home.

In-home training sessions consisting of 45 minute one-on-one instruction from your personal trainer—who will come right to your home for your session.

What is it?

Private and semi-private (2+ individuals) in-home training consists of 45-minute one-on-one instruction from your personal trainer, who will come right to your home for the session. You can use your own equipment, or we can bring some equipment from the gym. Stay committed to your workout goals by scheduling a trainer to visit on a regular basis.

What to Expect
Before Purchasing Training Services

Complimentary Fitness Consultation:
This gives you the chance to decide if our training style suits you. It also gives us the chance to see your body awareness and physical abilities. Through listening and talking with you, we can craft the optimal program to help you achieve your goals. Our training reccommendations and programs can be based off things like your fitness goals, health history, and physical abilities.

Client Health Information Questionnaire:
We're interested in your overall well-being and health, and our holistic tone questionnaire supports our belief in whole-person fitness.

After Purchasing Training Services

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment (CFA):
This assessment is divided into six components:

  • Body Composition
  • Cardiovascular Testing
  • Postular Analysis
  • Gait Analysis
  • Flexibility Analysis
  • Neuro-Muscular Function Test
From this information, we can determine your readiness for strength training and begin desigining a personalized training program for you.

6-Week Evaluation & Goal Setting:
Every six weeks we conduct a half-hour fitness assessment to evaluate your progress. Our trainers help keep clients motivated by engaging them in consistent measuring, reassessing, and goal resetting.

Client Files & Progress Reports:
We keep progress reports throughout your training, noting any changes in physical ability. This ensures that exercise prescriptions are up to date, and that they directly address your needs as they change.

We teach mindful movement, show how to execute proper technique, and provide handouts outlining the principles of strength conditioning and cardiovascular training.

How to Prepare For Your Training Session
  • Prior to your complimentary fitness consultation, please fill in your client health information questionnaire (will be emailed to you). We will need this information a minimum of two days ahead of your scheduled appointment. This will give your trainer time to prepare for your session.
  • Have a cleared area prepared for your workout.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to train in.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Have a water bottle ready for training.
Focus Rates

Personal Training Rates

60 Minutes
Single Session: $73
5 Pack: $346 ($69.20)
10 Pack: $683 ($68.30)
20 Pack: $1324 ($66.20)
25 Pack: $1637.50 ($65.50)

45 Minutes
Single Session: $59.20
5 Pack: $285.50 ($57.10)
10 Pack: $550 ($55)
20 Pack: $1049 ($52.45)

30 Minutes
Single Session: $55.20
5 Pack: $259.50 ($51.90)
10 Pack: $489 ($48.90)
20 Pack: $915 ($45.80)

Semi-Private Training
Single Session: $52
5 Pack: $249.50 ($49.90)
10 Pack: $468 ($46.80)
20 Pack: $894 ($44.70)
25 Pack: $1075 ($43)

45 Minutes
Single Session: $40
5 Pack: $195 ($39)
10 Pack: $368 ($38.60)
20 Pack: $760 ($38)
25 Pack: $937.50 ($37.50)

New Member Startup Package

(Only available to new members within 30 days of joining)

60 Minutes
5 Pack: $300 ($60)
Welcome Back (5) Pack: $300 ($60)

45 Minutes
5 Pack: $225 ($45)
Welcome Back (5) Pack: $225 ($45)
5 Pack Semi-Private: $170 ($34)

30 Minutes
5 Pack: $150 ($30)

Fitness Assessments

60 Minute Assessment: $75
30 Minute Assessment: $36

Prices subject to change without notice. HST is applicable to all prices.

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