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Bands with Rand

These sessions are led and designed by Randy Zabukovec. These sessions are all done with bands that will improve overall body strength. Great way to build muscle endurance with a focus on all muscle groups including a good dose of core work. Working with bands is an amazing way to improve mobility, strength and endurance. Challenging sessions that will be 45 minutes in duration

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Free Body Circuit

Free Body Circuit training exercises that will include a 5-7 minute warm up and warm down plus 20 minutes of free body exercises that will challenge your cardio and strength endurance. Sessions will be broken down into key areas: arms, abs and core, full body, legs, hips and glutes. Great way to add variety to your training with no equipment needed.

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Multi-Sport Strong

These sessions are designed for those looking to prevent repetitive strain injuries from running, biking or swimming. Designed by Randy Zabukovec these sessions will focus on mobility, movement patterns, hip and glute activation and core/postural endurance.

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Skip Core

Skip Core will be focused on developing your cardio and core strength. You will need a skipping rope and some good endurance to get through these sessions. Session will be circuits of skipping with core exercises to really develop the cardio system and core endurance all within a small space in your home. No need to run or walk after these sessions.

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Yoga with Bodie

30-40 minute sessions with our Yoga Instructor Kelly Bodie. Kelly will offer a variety of yoga classes that you can choose from such as Restorative and Relaxation Yoga and Yin Yoga.

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