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B.A.R - Wall Anchor

B.A.R - Wall Anchor

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Product Dimensions:

Length – 48 Inches

Diameter of BAR – 1 Inch

Attachment Points – Vertically position to easily attach into wood studs

Hardware – Included

Installation Instructions – Included

Maximize Your Resistance Band Workouts:

Having the ability to attach YOUR bands to a surface that is SECURE and specifically designed for RBT Attached Band Training will dramatically improve your band workouts by:

  • Giving you literally hundreds of additional exercises and variations to put into your workouts

  • Making it easier and safer to workout with higher levels of band resistance to get strength & power gains faster

  • Allowing the focus to be on exercise technique rather than being concerned for the band set up and safety

  • Making it easier and quicker to transition from one movement to another, allowing for a faster tempo and seamless band circuit training

  • Adding dozens of unique exercises to your arsenal that just aren’t possible without attaching your bands

  • Creating the perfect “horizontal force vector” alignment for pushing, pulling, running, lunging and jumping movements

  • And so much more.