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Single 41" Red Small Band

Single 41" Red Small Band

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Dimensions of Band:

Width: ½ inch

Thickness: 5 mm (15 Continuous Layers)

Length: 41 Inches

Approximate Variable Resistance: 15-55 Lbs

The 41″ Red Small Band is a must have for any home band gym and travel package when it comes to its versatility for upper body strength, flexibility, and trunk stabilization training. Plus it is a great band to combine up with other 41 inch bands for added resistance. 

Other training options include:

  • Light beginner level upper body strength training
  • Senior strength training band
  • Martial arts speed drills for kicking and punching
  • Shoulder rotator cuff pre-hab training
  • Trunk stabilization training
  • Age 9-10 first step speed training
  • Adult female upper body strength training
  • Beginner level band stretching and flexibility training
  • Barbell-band contrast training for bench press, push press, squat and rowing variations
  • Low level assistance for pull-ups and push-ups