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Single 41" Yellow Micro Band

Single 41" Yellow Micro Band

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Dimensions of Band:

Width – 13/16 Inch (Extra Wide Yellow Band) 

Thickness – 2.5 mm  (8 Continuous Layers)

Length – 41 Inches 

Approximate Variable Resistance  – 10-40 Lbs

The Yellow Super-Micro Band is designed for teaching and training upper or lower body movements to first time RBT users. It’s slightly wider design is more comfortable to hold and place against the body, while still providing a great level of durability.

Other uses include:

  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Resisted core and scapular stabilization training
  • Teaching and training upper body strength training movements
  • Adding resistance to another band
  • Training senior strength training
  • Upper body strength training for RBT beginners
  •  Teaching lower body strength to RBT beginners